With a battery or without? that is the question!

The biggest question we get asked about solar pv systems is: Do I need a battery? and the simple answer is that it all depends on your lifestyle and how you use the energy in your home.

Here’s how it works:

Early morning and evening are times with lower solar production, but higher energy needs. You’re waking up and getting ready for the day, or making dinner and doing homework with the kids. That’s when you’ll need a lot of power, but also when solar panel production is just getting momentum or tapering off.

During these times (and especially at night) solar owners without battery storage draw power from the grid, which acts as a giant energy backup system. But during the day your solar panels are likely providing more than enough energy to power your home. The excess energy is sent into the grid to power your local community.

Simply put, when the sun’s shining, you use your own solar power and send excess power to the grid; when the sun’s not shining, you draw from the grid.

This kind of setup is called a grid-tied system. You essentially use the local utility grid as a battery to “store energy” without needing a solar battery bank in your home. However, if you have your own battery storage, you likely won’t transfer much energy to or from the grid, instead you store your own energy and pull from that, and the grid serves as a backup when you need to call off additional energy.

The images shown above are for illustrative purposes only and prices should be used as a guide to affordability. These prices represent an accurate cost based on the number of panels and with or without a battery, however changes to the brand products used in each system, kW sizes, solar panel placement, inverter type and battery options can alter the costs. If you wish to proceed further, simply submit your enquiry and we will provide a more accurate cost and solar array design based on your property’s location free of charge.

As all our systems are made bespoke, so the options available to you are all dependant on how much energy you want to generate for the needs of your home and how much usable roof space you have for solar production of the panels. Our design specialist and engineers will work with you and your budget to optimise and tailor the most efficient system available and show you the potential energy generated, annual savings and how quickly a system can pay for itself.

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